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August updates

Hello! Apologies for not checking in with you before now. I'll work on keeping you up to date at least monthly if not more often than that. We've been pretty busy down here on State St. since we re-opened. We are still working under some restrictions and requiring masks while at the Center but are available M-F from 9-5 for individual appointments. Just this month we have begun hosting a face to face AA meeting our "nooner" is happening on Saturdays from 12-1. We are working with our board members and meeting hosts to see if it is possible to add to that calendar. We are in the midst of grant season and applying out to some of our usual sources as well as a few new ones to work on keeping the coffers full. The team has been around the city each week for the past few months literally meeting people where they are at and handing out our harm reduction kits. Another project that is "in the works" is the expansion of our reach as we look around the whole of Rutland county and see so many face that we are unable to reach or who are unable to get to us. We are engaging outside agencies looking for spaces that can serve as satellite offices for us to meet face to face with individuals and try to close that physical gap between us and those we serve. Other than these few highlights it is as close to business as usual as COVID-19 allows here at the TPCR. Thanks for checking in with see you soon!

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