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A Special Message From Kyle

Good Morning everyone! What a great weekend! Furnace off, windows open dare I say it, Spring is here! We got to the working from home thing a little late but are all adjusting pretty well. Hope you are/have too.

Not only are we staying connected to our regular folk, but we have even managed to reconnect with some folk from our past who are looking for a little extra support right now.

If we could’ve chosen how this would look it wouldn’t look anything like this, but we are making the very best of it and still getting it done over here. We live in a great area of the country that seems to be handling all of this as well as could be expected and it is so great to see all of us coming together in this unique way of staying apart.

Had someone say to me “Yeah that’s what we do in Rutland. We show up. Or in this case, we don’t”, she’s right that’s what we do. So, let’s keep showing up by not showing up and we’ll get through this together.

Stay Safe. Stay Sane. We’re here if you need us.

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