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Huge Shout Out to Ben Fuller!!!

Ben Fuller is a Vermont native, raised on a small dairy farm. In his quest of his dream, Ben sold everything and moved to Nashville to work to continue to make a name for himself in the country music realm. Along the road, Ben has faced his demons and found his purpose and drive. He is committed to working to bridge the gap between individuals with and without substance use disorder, through music, encouraging dialogue on the topic with the intention of reducing stigma and bringing attention to the opioid epidemic.

Ben came to Turning Point and sang for us and talked about his story, which included a best friend overdosing and the love of his life choosing drugs over him. It was inspiring to hear him talk about how he wants to use music to help bring dialogue to the issue of drugs and help those that are suffering from addiction and suffering from watching those with addiction. It was a real honor to have him play for us here.

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