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Harm Reduction the Turning Point way

The Turning Point Center of Rutland in partnership with the Vermont Department of Health have initiated a harm reduction campaign in Rutland City. The Turning Point Staff have been making regular stops to locations within the city distributing "harm reduction bags". The bags contain information concerning resources available for treatment, housing and economic services as well as Narcan, Fentanyl tests strips, and other safety and hygiene related items. Harm reduction models have proven to reduce the rate of deaths related to overdose and this is the goal of the Turning Point campaign. In the first six weeks of the initiative nearly 500 bags have been distributed. The Turning Point has received positive feedback directly from those that this impacts, in at least one case an individual came forward to share that the Narcan distributed was used to save a life from overdose. The campaign has been well received by local business owners and the Turning Point has plans to expand the program into surrounding towns. This is just one of the many ways the Turning Point Center of Rutland is working to support their community and the people that it is comprised of.

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